Get free passes for BPI The BIG Outlet Sale 2010

Hey guys! It’s time for FREEBIES again!

I’m totally planless this summer. So I need you to do two things:

(1)ย drop a comment on this postย becauseย I’d love to know your plans this summer… this might give me the idea how to spend mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

(2) copy this blog post to your blog or tweet about this post over Twitter andย mention #couchwasabi

The 50 most excitingย summer plans will get a note from me to receive TWO (2) FREE PASSES for TBOS 2010.

Donโ€™t forget to write your complete name, twitter accountย and valid email. Only entries/comments submitted by April 14 (WED) 9.00 pm are included in the raffle.

Couchwasabi will randomly pick FIFTY (50) lucky participants and the winners will be announced on April 14 (WED) 11.00 pm. Each winner will receive TWO (2) ticketsโ€“thatโ€™s for you and your friend!

Tickets will be claimed on the day of the event at Megatent. Note that a valid ID must be presented by the raffle winner to claim the tickets.


  1. i am planning to have mountain climbing going down to an island with a beautiful beach and scenery while having fun with my friends

    twitter account: dhenzuki

  2. This summer I’m going for pottery classes, I’m going to learn how to create my own utensils, bowls, plates, cups, mugs and the likes. It’s going to benefit me in the future financially, not only will I be able to save from buying expensive stuff, I can give them as gifts, create art, sell them; the possibilities are endless.

  3. I’m planning to spend my first month working part time at a coffee shop in the morning (so i could be productive) and spend my other month travelling around mega manila to spot the best things people miss because of being so busy. I would write about it and hopefully have it published ( i have my ways already(: )! It’s fun and fulfillment in one summer experience! And in that way, I won’t have to spend too much to have a superb adventure!

  4. Even though I still have to go to work on weekdays, I plan to go around my dad’s province in Zambales on weekends. There’s a lot of places to visit there, and I want to see them. I also plan to enroll in art classes, so it’s going to be a busy summer.

  5. Hello, if I am going to buy items in the sale, am I required to use BPI credit card? Or if I do not have Bpi card, is my only option cash? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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