Food Truck Park at Capitol Commons

The friendly people at Shawarma Bros.

Another new concept to the Filipinos would be having food trucks in the Metro. Pasig, one of the greenest cities in Metro Manila, is embracing this concept by housing the first food trucks in Metro Manila at Capitol Commons.

Chicken shawarma from Shawarma Bros.

So I took Pepper to Capitol Commons to check out the food trucks. We bought chicken shawarma meal from Shawarma Bros for only Php150.00. But you can always choose from other food trucks in the area.

The food trucks will be there for you to enjoy by 4pm until 10pm. On Fridays, the food trucks stay until 12MN. Weekend and weekday schedules vary.

The people arrive as the night progresses. I like the vast open ground where people can lay out blankets for a simple picnic. While I was there, I noticed a group of kids playing soccer in the greens as well.

Check out Capitol Commons and the amazing food choices they have. For updated schedules and events, like the Food Truck Park Facebook page here.

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