First rain of May

Today has been quite a break from the summer sun’s scorching heat. It was actually cloudy when I woke up this morning. It got me excited that it might actually rain today.

When I was young, my mom told us that taking a shower under the first rain of May would make you beautiful. My sisters and I would always watch out for the first rain of May and play in our garden, under the rain. I loved that memory.

And today, it’s the first day of May and it rained. No, I didn’t take a shower under the rain, but it made me miss my sisters and it reminded me of my mom.

Wala lang, sharing.


  1. My grandmother was from Spain and she told us the same thing i am 68 years old and still do the rain magic I have been told I look very young for my age So there might be some truth to this folklore

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