Fear not the Woman, for she is a Goddess

I think it’s been 3 years since I last modeled for anything. The last was for a company event or for a lifestyle show in national TV… I can hardly remember. Anyway, I was just glad that I was able to get my toes in modeling again, even for just a day.

Kristin, the photographer/supergirl, did a great job on me. We had mutual likeness (lol) of each other, so the photoshoot was such a breeze. I admired her patience… Imagine, she did the hair and makeup as well.

The dresses were amazing, too. It was from her designer friend. I loved the bejewelled stockings… it was so daring. As for the dresses, I loved both the green and the metallic one.

The thing you can see above are the snaps that never made it to the cut. Haha! But, below are the ones that the photographer liked, and edited:

HMUA/Styling/Photography: Kristin Cornejo
Designs by: Crizeel Ong (Credo)

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