Enjoying PLDT WeRoam

I heart WeRoam! It’s been 5 days and I am loving the service!

Actually, this is just a test unit from my friend and is not really mine.. but with all the perks–like being online in the midst of city traffic–that is waaaay cool! Makes me wanna get my own.

I’ve been trying to check out the competitor packages and it seems like for coverage, WeRoam is still th best bet. But for the price, Sun wins.

Although Sun wireless internet is only available in Metro Manila, it has a Php 799 plan for unlimited internet. Wow!

ย Based on the internet blogs I’ve read, Globe visibility is the most unstable and not cost efficient for its price. If you’re going for Globe, better go for PLDT.

And as for *the great* PLDT WeRoam… well, it does have it shortcomings at times.. but the connection is pretty muct good and the net speed is wonderful!

For only Php 1,000 a month (unlimited wireless internet), PLDT WeRoam is a good deal for wire burners like me ๐Ÿ™‚

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