EDT Review: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Summer

Elizabeth Arden’s original green tea is an acquired taste. A lot of people may not like it but as the scent comes down and linger, you’ll definitely grow a particular appreciation of the scent.

I’ve had the original Green Tea scent and I loved it. I was recently trying to get a new signature scent for this year’s summer and I’ve stumbled upon Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Summerย  and thought, why not?

I was choosing between this and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom. I was drawn to the latter primarilyย  because the bottle looked pink. But when I was doing my research, the notes in Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Summer felt so much more suited with my taste.I would normally get drawn to floral-fruity scent, or a citrus-y one. Either those, or a really sickeningly sweet one. But never a floral scent.

My original Green Tea has a distinct invigorating scent. The Summer version, with a more fruity concoction, actually has black currant, bergamot, tangerine and lemon as top notes; middle notes as cyclamen, passion fruit, water lily, watermelon and rose; the center notes as musk, oak moss and white amber.

Love at first scent? NO.

The tricky thing about this perfume is that you will never appreciate it at first spritz. It smells over-empowering up close so you really have to make sure to spray on a little. Over-do it a little and you will have a headache.

The scent is so distinct that you would almost always know someone is wearing an Elizabeth Arden when they do. And you would appreciate the scent more when it’s worn by someone else.

What’s amazing with this is that the scent stays on your clothing even after days. And when it does, be sure to take a whiff because that’s the exact same scent that the people can smell whenever you pass by versus the strong kick of scent whenever you spritz it on.

Overall, I really love this perfume. It’s perfect for daytime wear and, yes, I think it would be perfect for this year’s summer. <3

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  1. you have love and hate with this one pala ms jirbie, im not a perfume person but i do appreciate people who smells great! i prefer using bath cologne because i have sensitive nostrils =(

    i love baby scent perfumes or those one powdery i want lanvin eclat (have you tried it too?)