Easy Driver’s License Renewal

Today is my birthday! Yay! And one of the things I am very mindful of is the expiration of my driver’s license. Let me walk you through my hassle-free driver’s license renewal process.

But before anything else, here’s a back story…

I was planning to renew my license last week when I was in SM Megamall. Sadly, the LTO satellite office in Mega closed down a year ago. The mall guard told me the nearest would be in Robinson’s Galleria.

Yesterday morning, I headed to Robinson’s Galleria at around 10am, as I anticipate the long lines of people renewing their license. True enough, there were about 20 people in line when I got there at around 10:12am.

I fell in line to surrender my old license and get a copy of the application form when the LTO staff told me that I would not be able to get my license today. I was surprised and asked him again: “Ha? Hindi na same day?” To which he said: “Antayin mo tawagan ka namen, isulat mo cellphone mo (as he points on the form).”

I find it a bit odd for this satellite office to ask me to come back again just to claim my license. Imagine the hassle of going back and parking and all. So I decided to ditch the lines in Galleria and transferred to SM Hypermart Pasig.

Thank God I did what I did.

There were NO LINES in SM Hypermart. The crowd was so much more comfortable and it took me less than 40 minutes to renew my license. Below are the steps and fees paid in my license renewal:

Step 1: Write your name down on the registration sheet and surrender your old license to the LTO staff so he can give you an application form.

Step 2: Complete the form and submit to the LTO staff so he can give you a number. Pay Php200.00.

Step 3: Once your number is called, you are up for the eye exam and the staff will be there to check your weight. This process is done in 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Wait to be called again for your picture taking and digital signature. Go back to the waiting area and wait for your name to be called again.

Step 5: Pay Php418.00 fee at the cashier and wait for license releasing.

That’s about it! Had I listened to that fishy LTO Galleria staff, I would have waited hours to finish my license renewal and even had to come back God-knows-when to claim it.

Anyway, I am just so happy to have successfully renewed my driver’s license in less than an hour. Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS, Try not to come between lunch break, that’s 12nn-1pm.

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  1. Oh sorry, I thought your name is Jilliane because your IG account is @jleanne85. >< Sorry Ms. Jirbie. :3 Anyways, Happy Birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your day and more to come. Wish you all the blessings and happiness you could have. Stay pretty and generous, <3 You are very blessed and lucky to have a very fast renewal of license. Mine takes more than an hour and we need to have fixer pa. ๐Ÿ™ I think your license would come after a week. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hihi, Godbless and Happy Birthday! <3

  2. Naisip ko tuloy pag may nag papa-new ng drivers license eh baka birthday din nila. Hehehe. Btw, I greeted you a Happy Birthday on twitter. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I wonder if this works too if you’re still going to apply for a license. ? That was one fast easy transaction! hirap talaga pag sa mall lagi ganyan, and usually low-quality ang service.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Hi. Do you know what time the Hypermart branch opens? Thanks!

  5. HI! pwede bang magrenew & at the same time change surname due to marriage) sa mga satellite lto branches sa malls?

  6. wow! thanks for the tip! gonna renew mine on January 5. Will try it there too!

  7. Hi, shouldn’t there be a drug test in the steps?

  8. Hi, I have a question. Is the old OR needed?

  9. Open ba sila ng weekends like saturday if yes until wat time po kaya?

  10. Ma’am wala na po ba drug testing and BIOMETRICS?

  11. pwede po b mgrenew s mall 4 years expired license?

  12. Hi would you know if the satellite office in SM HyperMart Pasig is still open?

  13. Hi, my license also jus expired a couple of days ago, is it possible for me to have it renewed there as well..?


  14. Hi can i have my license upgraded to pro at satellite offices (SM Pasig Hypermarket)? Thanks

  15. Pano kapag nawala na o.r ng lisensya pwde bang lisensya nlng ibbigay?

  16. Hi, pwede po ba kumuha ng student permit sa satellite office ng LTO? and did anyone know if pwede ko pa i renew ung student permit ko to non-pro khit expire na xa ng 1 year? thanks po

  17. Hi can i still renew my license at satellite offices (SM Pasig Hypermarket)? Sa Galleria LTO Office kasi eh medical na lang daw at hindi napo nakakakuha nung laminated ID.
    Thanks sa magreply….

  18. hello
    ask ko lng po ..
    kailangan ba ulit mag drive for the renewal of license ..
    pls answer

    thank you

  19. hello good afternoon
    ask ko lng po
    kung saan ka nag pamedical for renewal of drivers license?

  20. San po un SM Hypermart Pasig? Anung malapit na landmark?

  21. Hi is there a penalty if i renew my liscence after 2 days it was expired? Tnx

  22. Kailangan pb ng tin number for renewal ng professional driver license

  23. Thanks for this.

  24. Turns out, there’s no more LTO here.

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