Dove: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Campaign

Following Dove’s highly successful #RealBeauty campaign, Dove makes it more personal by telling us girls to embrace our own kind of beauty through their latest Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful campaign.

While Real Beauty was a huge international success, I personally think that the new Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful is a stronger campaign.

Let’s face it, the perception of beauty is certainly different in every country. In fact, the standards of beauty may even vary depending on when you were born–have you seen those viral videos that show beauty through the decades? Having said that, depending on the time and place, what we perceive to be a “real beauty” is highly subjective.

With the new campaign ‘Be your own kind of beautiful,’ this message gives us a better grasp on what beauty should be–and that the way we see ourselves or value ourselves should remain constant through time or place.

I wasn’t the prettiest girl back in school. I was never the crush ng bayan. I’ve lived pretty much in my awesome awkwardness all throughout my highschool. But that never bothered me. In college, I focused on my academics and extra-curriculars since I know my grades will open up a better chance for me to get my dream job… and it sure did!

I was a late bloomer and I’m proud of it. Although I get so impressed by young girls nowadays who can do makeup really well at the age of 17 (Hello 17yearold Letisha Velasco!). I mean, I never cared about makeup until I was 25 and didn’t wear foundation until about 3 years ago. But, I guess, what I’m saying here is, nothing is ever too late.

Each day is a chance for us to improve ourselves. And beauty, though it’s normally tied up to the things we see, goes beyond what’s on the outside. I never imagined I would be a beauty blogger–not in a million years if you ask the teenage-Jirbie–but I’m here. And I’ve been running this blog for 8+ years already! Wow! Now, I’m working on my YouTube makeup tutorials because being a YouTuber is one of the challenges I’m planning to overcome this 2017.

From a girl with awkward sponge-y hair in highschool, I am now one of the Philippines’ top beauty blogger/YouTuber, all because I never let insecurities hold me back. I knew I wasn’t the hottest, or the tallest, or the prettiest girl in school. But I knew I was smart. And with that, I focused on my strengths, slowly worked on my ‘weaknesses,’ and challenged myself to overcome these hurdles.

And I guess this is my message to all of you: that being the most popular nor being the most beautiful doesn’t really matter when you’re much much older. What’s important is how you worked your everyday to improve yourself and that nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind into it. Remember, a girl with more than just physical beauty is what gives them substance. So stop obsessing over Kylie Jenner’s lips or Selena Gomez’s butt, you can be are your own kind of beautiful every single day!

That’s all for today–I gotta pack my bags for my flight this noon. So I guess I’ll catch up with you through my travel vlog on YouTube! Ciao! <3

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