Do you believe in manghuhula?

Do you believe in manghuhula or fortune-tellers? Everybody knows that Filipinos love consulting manghuhula. That’s the reason why every year, Mel & Joey (then, Mel & Jay) would invite a group of fortune-tellers, psychics, astrologers, and feng shui experts and predict about the coming year.

I, myself, love hearing what these clairvoyant people would say about me. I’m not really relgious and definitely not superstitious. I’m not the type of person who listens to these people like it’s my Bible. I just do it for fun.

The first time I had myself “checked” by a manghuhula was in Quiapo. I forgot how much I paid for her cards but now, I am convinced that she definitely was a balony. She did say some things that may match on what I was going through then… but when I thought about it, the things she said were pretty generic.

I find it amusing how they can somehow grasp an attribute of me without even knowing me personally. I remember the other time I had myself read and the first words that came out of their mouth was my “sickness.” They knew it by just looking at my face. That really caught me off-guard and somehow impressed me to listen more on what they would tell about me.

Today, I had some tarot reading. What’s funny is that they are so consistent in describing me. What came out today was that: 1) I am obsessively workaholic and that, 2) I tend to always want to prove something to the world. True–I have always been obsessively hard-working when I was still in school, and now that I am in the professional world, I can’t go to sleep without checking my mail and thinking about work. Same thing when I open my eyes in the morning, I check my mails and think about work. It’s so true that two manghuhulas have already told me that.

I have also been told that I tend to focus so much on work that I forget about myself. Nothing was told about my health today–thank God–but she said that I tend to lose grasp on what’s really important in life. She told me that I should have fun (although I think I am having enough fun) and that I will reap whatever I sow.

She also said that there are many things going on in my mind (true again.) And that something’s always holding me back. She mentioned something about me being such a planner–I plan for everything and I hate it when somebody rocks the boat (so TRUE). She said some good things and some bad things. While laying out the cards one by one, she talked about my happiness, my finances, my career even. I did not ask so much about my family this time.

And then it came to a point where a Nine of Cups card came out and she made me wish. So I did. Then she told me that we should stop since they say that the Nine of Cups would normally erase the negative things that were told about me and we should leave it at that. Of course, I did not dare to ask more.

How about you? Have you had any experience with manghuhulas? Do you know any good manghuhulas? I would love to hear your experience in fortune-tellers.

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