Dining at Yobob Lechon de Cebu

1/2 kilo of Lechon Cebu for only Php360.00

I’ve always had good memories with Cebu lechon. When I was young, my dad would order lechon during Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve. One time, he ordered this special lechon that tasted way better than all the other lechons I’ve ever tasted. With this lechon, the meat had its own juicy taste–this is the magic of Cebu lechon.

Maybe it is the way Cebu lechon is prepared or marinated, I really don’t know, but it’s sure damn good. The thing is, Cebu lechon is not accessible in Manila. And if it were, you’d have to buy the entire pig just to have a taste of it. An entire Cebu lechon costs about Php5,000.00.

Good thing Yobob is just around the corner.

I first visited the mini-restaurant a couple of weeks back and it didn’t disappoint. Since the place is small, you’d have to be there earlier than the normal meal time so you can secure seats.

Aside from the delicious pork meat, what I love about Yobob’s lechon is that the skin remains crispy even after hours of being on the table. Everybody knows that half of the experience in lechon eating lies with the skin.

With Yobob’s lechon, you don’t really have to put any sauce or sarsa. I can skip the soysauce and vinegar, yet still enjoy the pork meat alone–it’s that good! At Php360.00 of 1/2 kilo Lechon Cebu, it was a no-brainer to have more than needed for take home.

If you are around Timog area, be sure to drop by Yobob. In the mean time, you can visit their Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter.

Cebu Lechon Price:
1/4 kg – Php180.00 (good for 1-2 pax)
1/2 kg – Php360.00 (good for 4-5 pax)
1kg – Php720.00 (good for 8-10 pax)

Yobob Lechon de Cebu
Tomas Morato corner Sct Fernandez

Contact Numbers:
MANILA:ย  02-351-7002 | Globe: (0916) 443-8000 | Smart: (0919) 510-0010
CEBU:ย (032)3188246 | GLOBE (0917)326-8858 | (0943)409-9188

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