Davao Staycation at Ritz Hotel

I love going to Davao. I love the cleanliness of the city and the way you wouldn’t have to be paranoid of snatchers and pick-pockets (unlike here in Manila…). So, last October, when I was invited to stay at Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases, I was really looking forward this trip since it was my first time to go to the city with my beau.

Ritz Hotel is situated right at the heart of downtown Davao, where most of the Chinese-Davaoenos live. What caught my eye as soon as I reached the hotel was the spa right at the entrance. Haha!

I checked the prices of their services and it wasn’t bad at all, I think it was around Php600-Php700/hr, which is standard in hotel masseuse services.

The Ritz Hotel also has a separate business area if you need function rooms for conferences and meetings.

Here’s the dining area, where I basically filled my tummy with the entire stay. The prices are affordable or somewhat standard to Manila. Price peg would be Gerry’s Grill, so not bad at all.

The pool area is exclusive to the people who have room reservations in the hotel.

And here is their outdoor bar where you can order cocktails by the poolside.

They also have recreational area for kiddies.

What I love about Ritz Hotel is that they allow early check-in as long as there’s an available room. We got there pretty early at around 10-ish. Normal check-in would be 2pm so I was really happy when the concierge told us that we can already take our room. Yay!

I was really pleased when we finally got to our room–it was spacious, clean, and there weren’t much noise, which is important if you’re trying to have a wonderful staycation experience.

Below is a quick glance of our bathroom. I didn’t expect to have a bath tub so I kind of regretted not bringing my Lush bath bombs (oh, and there weren’t any Lush stores in Davao! Boo!) ๐Ÿ™

After leaving our luggage in our room, we took a cab to go to Abreeza Mall.

We came back to Ritz for our dinner. The hotel looked really pretty at night <3

At Oases Seafood Restaurant, I basically ordered a platter of baked scallops every night–these things come expensive here in Manila so I took advantage of these for only Php300-ish (or less) a plate!

After having dinner, I’d normally hang out by the pool side with some drinks to cap off the night.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay in Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases. The quality of service and convenience of its location is probably why I would recommend it to friends.

Staying in Davao? Why not check out The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases? Spacious rooms, great service, and good food–plus they normally have room promos so it’s a win-win!

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