CW Beauty Talk: Do I need to buy those makeup palettes?

CW Beauty Talk

Hello Ms. Jirbie,

I really love your make-up posts. It inspires me to try out make-up. I really want to learn make-up like the way you use many colors. I think they look pretty. I’m planning to attend a make-up workshop soon and I was thinking if I need to buy those 88 palette online.

– Denise

Hi Denise!

Thank you for finding inspiration with my LOTD posts. To tell you frankly, I’m a newbie, too. I admire a lot of my fellow beauty bloggers out there who started playing with makeup very young. I’m a late-bloomer, actually. I didn’t know how to apply makeup until I needed to learn about it for my work. In a way, I’m just two-years young in the makeup world.

I, too, took makeup workshops to learn the basics. I took one for colour cosmetics and another specifically for mineral makeup. Then I did a whole lot of practicing and researching on my own through Youtube. Makeup depends on your skills and the more you practice, the better you get.

Learning makeup gets us too excited and sometimes the beauty of these palettes–the pretty colours and all that–may tend to let us fall into the trap of impulse buying. Luckily, my work entails me to try a lot of makeup so I have kind of gotten used to it.

I honestly don’t think it is necessary for you to purchase a whole 88 palette unless you are planning to turn makeup as part of your profession. I haven’t even bought one of those palettes for myself–though it has crossed my mind a lot of times. Besides, you have to know that all cosmetics have a maximum life span of 1-2 years. So unless you are sure you will be able to use the entire palette in the span of 2 years, I guess you can just work on the basics.

It would be smart to invest in a nice matte neutral eyeshadow quad, mascara, eyeliner, brow powder, blusher, foundation, concealer and your favorite lipstick–I think these are the basic things you’d need in your kit. Then you can just build up the range of color depending on the look you are planning to try.

Let me know how your makeup workshop go. Do tag me your LOTDs on Twitter in the future–I’d love to see them! ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to hear more of your beauty concerns. You can shoot me a mail at couchwasabi[at]ovi[dot]com. <3

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  1. i am planning to get a palette that has many shades on it and after doing research i found city colors! (and i see they have dupe for the naked palette! and it costs less than 400php) i will use it on my wedding and makeup services this year.. and it is one of my 2015 goals to improve my makeup skills and achieve my dream of being a real makeup artist!