Craving for Vigan longga

photo taken from google search

I used to hate eating longganisa. The longganisa that I was exposed with when I was young was the chinese style pinkish longga that has a sweet taste and oozing with pork fat. I hated those.

I became a convert when I tasted Vigan longganisa. The Vigan longga is very famous in Ilocos region as one of Vigan’s pride. These sausages are saltier and garlicy as compared to Cebuano longga. Vigan longganisa is brown or caramelized in color and it is short and stocky.

The first time I was able to taste this marvel was through a friend was born and raised from Vigan. He used to bring these lovlies to work and share it with us (to note, other great Vigan food finds are bagnet and empanada).

I fell in love with these sausages the moment I tasted it. Each sausage is bursting with flavors and spices not found in its Chinese counterpart. So, last week, while I was having a sudden craving for Vigan longga, I googled for local sellers in Manila to satisfy my whim.

Luckily, I was able to buy a dozen for only Php 120.00 from a local seller in QC who sells authentic Vigan longga, along with other native delicacies. I ended up buying two dozens of Vigan longga and some Dagupan bangus.

If you’d like to try the stuff that I’m raving about, I highly recommend for you to contact Cris via  +639196668773  or +639228564241.

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