Couchwasabi gives away Atrium Hotel Discount Vouchers

I am giving away Atrium Hotel gift vouchers. This entitles the bearer to a special rate of Php 2,500 overnight stay with Breakfast Buffet for TWO in a Studio Suite. Just drop a comment on this blog post and let me know why I should give you a discount voucher.

Only entries/comments submitted by November 21 (SAT) 9.00 pm are included in the raffle. Raffle is open to residents of the Philippines.

Couchwasabi will pick THREE (3) lucky winners with the best answer. Winners will be notified on November 21 (SAT) 11.00 pm via email and gift vouchers will be sent via regular mail.

Vouchers are valid until December 31, 2009

UPDATED: check the winners here.


  1. I should have the discount voucher because I am planning a quality time with my husband and my baby before the holiday.. One plan I have is spending a night at a hotel for an ultimate family bonding. Hope to have it =)

  2. I asked a friend recently to tell me about his most memorable hotel experience. he said without hesitation. โ€œThey have caveman rooms!โ€ So I spent Php 3,680 (yeah, pretty much expensive for a non-wifi hotel) to check if it was really just him or the hotel. As it turns out, the Hotel offers a variety of themed suites to fulfill just about every vacation fantasy. See, you’ll never know the story unless you yourself experience it. As a travel blogger, what I do is share my travel experiences through my blog posts including hotel reviews. Sure, hotels pamper you with chocolates, fresh fruits, champagne and stuff. But how about genuine service? Checked the website of Atrium Hotel and was quite impressed on the furnishings and amenities but can it justify the statement “…..where comfortable accommodations, renowned Filipino hospitality and excellent service await our guests.” for real? Interesting. Some doesn’t live up to their promises so I and my significant other wanna put Atrium Hotel to the test! Bring it on Atrium Hotel, let’s see what you’ve got! ^_^

  3. I should win the discount voucher as I want to give this as a gift for my parents. After all the sacrifice and efforts during the 25 years of their marriage, I think this hotel stay will truly be a memorable holiday for them

  4. I am 30 years old but in my 30 years i have never experienced to stay in a luxury hotel.i want to but i really don’t have a budget to spend on an overnight stay. if lucky enough it will be a first time for me and i know that it will me the most memorable and unforgettable experience of my life! thanks!

  5. While itโ€™s embarrassing, I have to admit that Iโ€™ve hit a financial low at this point of my life. And at the moment, Iโ€™m responsible not just for the budget for me, but for the household as well. Despite the financial trouble, I canโ€™t seem to stop myself from making some purchases that may be viewed by others as โ€œunnecessaryโ€. Theyโ€™re right, these purchases arenโ€™t really โ€œneedsโ€, but I want them so much that I canโ€™t resist wanting them. I sometimes use the classifications โ€œNeedsโ€ and โ€œWantsโ€ in decision-making, mainly when making purchases. But hey, everyone NEEDS happiness so I’ll definitely find one. I wanna find a convenient and comfortable hotel (I hope for free!wink!!!) for a memorable holiday getaway in Manila. Hmmm, why in a busy metropolis? Well, everyone has their first time so to be honest Iโ€™ve never been to Manila and oh yeah, Armstrong is so pretty desperate to land on the moon! And tick tack, luck strikes, phoof!, thank God I came across this page! I hope Couchwasabi can help me justify why it’s great and worthy spending my holiday vacation at “Juan’s Place!” Looking forward that Manila will not disappoint me on my first visit and stay! Manila here I come! See ya’ in a couple of weeks! d;)

  6. I deserve to win these vouchers because when I saw the pictures of the Atrium Hotel, I find it beautiful and the winner will be so lucky, and I really hope that will be me. I want to stay in a hotel, I never have the chance to stay overnight in a hotel. And if ever I win, this will be my big break and Iโ€™ll be thankful to the Atrium hotel.

  7. I deserve to win because this will be my first experience to win in any contest or promo. I never stayed also in hotels, so if ever I win in this promo I will tell it to my friends and family what I have experience in Atrium Hotel. If I win Atrium Hotel will be my first time and it will be the only hotel I will be proud to tell my friends and my family.

  8. Why stay at a very costly hotel when you can stay in paradise at an affordable price? In my own opinion (based on their website), I believe that since most people look forward to take a couple days for a nice getaway vacation, they would like, and deserve a little extra luxury and romance on their vacation or getaway, no matter what their budget is. So Atrium Hotel tried real hard to give that to all their guests whether they are staying in a Studio Suite or in one of their nicer, bigger and more spacious suites. They have a wide range of unique rooms and suites to accommodate the individual needs and tastes and budgets of all of their guests. Why I desrve a discount voucher? Simply ‘coz I wanna be a guest. I want a simply extraordinary experience. Sure Couch Wasabi can help me with this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I really wanted my mommy groovy and my daddy groovy have this hotel-buffet experience. As far as I know, they have never had this kind of date ever.

    Before, I started my job, my goal was to give them a treat in a hotel or resort, but after two years of working, I haven’t done that yet. I want them to have this because whenever I see my mom watching television about travel shows, it really breaks my heart kapag sinasabi niya na “Sana makasakay na rin ako ng airplane.” or “Wow, ang ganda ng lugar.”

    (‘ _ ‘ )

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