Chuck’s Deli: Home of the Slabwich

Last Wednesday, I went to Chuck’s Deli with my favorite person in the world, Hazel. We were invited by Wazzup Pilipinas for their food tasting event, courtesy of Chuck’s Deli.

Crystal Yaptinchay, the Marketing Manager of Chuck’s Deli served us with three different potato snacks as a starter. The potato snacks are served with Regular Garlic Sauce–which I loved very much–or the Spicy Garlic Sauce. My favorite among the three is the cute smiley potatoes.

And as if the yummy potatoes weren’t enough, there came buffalo chicken balls or Buffy Balls as our appetizer. The crunchy spicy chicken balls are made with the same yummy garlic-y buffalo chicken recipe.

Crystal gave us more details about Chuck’s Deli. She shared with us that we’re actually the first group of bloggers to be invited in their Serendra branch. Normally, their blogger events are held in Eastwood branch. Also, for that night, Crystal is featuring Chuck’s Deli’s Lunch Bag. Crystal made us choose our own combo and even up our drinks for a milkshake. Yay! (I’m such a sucker for milkshakes!) πŸ™‚

I picked lunch bag #2 which consists of: Hamsome Threesome, Arce Dairy Avocado milkshake, and Waki salad. I first dug in the Waki salad. It’s made from crisp greens, kani, mango, egg, lettuce and wasabi mayo. Yum! The milkshake is superb as well. It’s made from 3 scoops of Arce Dairy Ice Cream (in avocado) blended with fresh carabao’s milk. πŸ™‚

Hamsome Threesome is filled with York Ham, Mortadella Ham, Smoked Cooked Ham with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and Chuck’s sauce on their homemade Ciabatta bread. You can choose to have your bread in wheat or white.

We were lucky that for that night to have a group of diners who were up for the Buffy Challenge. The challenger is supposed to finish the fiesty buffalo sandwich in 5 minutes. If you win, you get the food for free, a free T-shirt, and the bragging rights in their hall of fame board.

Ok. Nobody won from their table. I really had doubts for these guys if they’d win. But hey, they have the courage, so that’s a pat on the back for them.

If you’re up for another challenge, Chuck’s Deli board is looking for that courageously big appetite person who can claim the first rights to their Mother Chucker Challenge. With this slabwich, you have to finish it in 2:30 minutes. If you do, you get the food for free, take away Php250.00 GC with you, and your name on their wall of fame.

You are allowed to slice the burger before starting the timer. If you think you can conquer this in 2 and a half minutes, why don’t you drop by Chuck’s Deli today?

Chuck’s Deli
G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

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