Cat Crafternoon with Purina Fancy Feast

It’s been a long time since the last time I was able to bring my kitties out for play. That’s why I especially made time when Purina Fancy Feast invited me to join their Cat Crafternoon last Saturday at Three Salcedo Park.

It was an intimate gathering of cat lovers and their furbabies. I think there were only about 20-30 attendees with their respective kitties.

I have recently read in an article that hundreds of black cats were abandoned by their owners as they are not deemed to be “instagrammable.” Well, I feel that it’s Calico’s time to shine. With this, I have decided to bring Calico, my youngest furbaby, which is also a very dark colored kitten.

My baby wasn’t feeling so friendly but who says she’s not instagrammable?!

We started off with a short talk from Brad Feliciano on cat ethology. I was really interested when Brad told us that cats are highly trainable. I would love to try and train Pepper as he seemed to be bored in our house most of the time. You know how anxiety is never good for cats. =^,^=

Of course, Purina Fancy Feast made it all fun with cutesy cat-themed snacks.

Since it’s Cat Crafternoon, we also had time to make our own cat toys. The pieces of cloth were marinated in catnip. And with that, my kitties loved it so much, they were able to shred the cloth into pieces in just one day. :\

Finally, we were given time to mingle with the other cat-parents while others headed straight to the photo-booth for some souvenir.

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