Boys Like Girls in Manila


Good Girls Go Bad

I was able to score some VIP tickets for last night’s Boys Like Girls in Manila, which was held in SMX, Mall of Asia. Honestly, it was my first time to ever watch a live concert and I am not really a big fan of BLG.

Actually, before the concert, I can only remember two songs from the band. But since I was given VIPย  tickets worth Php 3,6xx.xx each for FREE, it’s hard to turn down the opportunity. So, my friend and I got there at around 8pm and the band didn’t start to play until around 9:30-ish. I was a little surprised that the crowd was mostly high-schoolers.

I loved the concert.ย  I loved the way BLG performed. I loved the audience interaction. BLG’s songs were awesome. Yes, shamelessly, I admit that I am a new convert! ๐Ÿ˜›

I was enjoying theย  night away not until BLG suggested for the Gold and Silver ticket holders to do whatever they can to come closer to the stage. My initial reaction? PANIC!

I panicked when I saw these wild fangirls start to push the metal dividers to come to the VIP and VVIP section. Oh my. I was pushed by the crowd and even injured my foot. ๐Ÿ™ I was shocked. Culture-shocked by these teenagers. Still, I tried to enjoy the night despite my aching foot. BLG finished their last song by 10:30 so I left as soon as BLG’s act is over. I did not finish the back to back Hed Kandi party since my foot is already bleeding.

Nevertheless, basically it was an undeniably awesome experience for me. I had so much fun in watching the band throw unfinished water bottles to the audience while the crazed little fangirls screamed and fought their way on who to first catch the water bottles. It was entertaining to watch, really.

Among all the songs they played, I loved Someone Like You the most. So I have posted the video I took when BLG played the song. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

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