Best Wishes, Jewel

One of the things that I will always cherish working in P&G are the great people I have worked with. The people there are just awesome. The working culture is hands-down amazing. I will always be a proud P&Ger.

Over the weekend, one of my dearest friends in P&G finally tied the knot. I was so excited to see her and my former workmates again.

My most favorite photo of Jewel and I back in 2009

During the days when I was at my lowest in P&G, Jewel has been my confidant. For me, she’s one of the best bosses you could ever meet. She’s very kind. She would stop in the middle of her work whenever I would “MC” her for some minutes to talk. She would always welcome me in her work station whenever I feel like having word vomit.

A lot of times, when I feel really terrible, she would offer to give me a cup of Starbucks. Eating became our best comfort activity. She’d laugh at my maldita-ness and show genuine concern for my personal issues. She’s generous and awesome like that. And I love her like a long lost big sister.

Those were the days that I wished na siya nalang sana boss ko. LoL. I swear, she’s the coolest boss in town.

That’s when I also realize that, when the time I become a boss, I wanted to be just like her.

Mint Green V-Back Bow Dress from

So, even if I had a lot of booboos for that day (e.g. running late for the ceremony–yes, I always attend the ceremony in weddings and not just the reception; ruining my pedicure; messing up my makeup; being caught by MMDA on the way to the venue; doing a Marilyn Monroe stint when I was handling my keys to the valet; etc.), it was so important for me to be there and witness Jewel’s wedding.

I was a full-hour late for the ceremonies, but that’s okay. The ceremonies were held at Sofitel Sunset Pavillion.

It was the first Christian wedding that I have ever attended. Everyone sat inside the Pavillion and listened attentively. In here you can see the couple and how lovely they looked together.

We were given an hour or two break in between from the ceremonies and the reception. While waiting, we were gathered outside Luzon and Visayas Ballroom for some cocktails.

Awesome personalized M&M’s

My handsome date and I decided to roam around Sofitel and Spiral while waiting for the reception to start.

At the hotel bar.

At around 7, we were finally allowed to enter the ballroom and wait for the couple to arrive.

Interesting centerpiece from Sofitel

Finally, the couple joined us a little past 7pm

It has been a lovely night and I am just so happy for Jewel. She looked so happy and peaceful and I know she–more than any other bride in this world–deserves this. Everyone felt the love of the couple. Even the open acceptance of the groom and the bride’s family to each other for the union. It was so amazing.

I’m sure the night was perfect for Jewel. To us, her witnesses, everything looked so magical. That night, I realized that it’s good for us to witness loving couples being wed from time to time. For hopeless romantics, it reminds us that though life is not always a fairy tale, life is a whole lot better when it’s shared with the one you love. <3

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