Belkin Car AC Adapter

In our yuppy world, everything has to be mobile. In a way, we can’t live without our laptops tugged along with us wherever we go. In fact, if you are a certified yuppie trotting around Makati or Ortigas CBD, it’s not unusual for you to work inside your car with your laptop–especially with the invention of wireless broadband internet.

In this mobile world, where we can almost live inside our car, this new thingamajigie is just the perfect add-on to your collection.

Belkin has been known to be a reliable supplier of iPod and other audio/video accessories. Now, they have come up with a cool new toy: Belkin 85watt Car AC Adapter.

Basically, this lets you use  your laptop, and other electronics as it converts the lighter plug as an AC plug. The unit also has a usb port, so you can charge your ipod, or mobile phone via usb port.

I got this two weeks ago as a gift to a friend. It sells at Php 1,450.00 in Octagon–not bad for its price considering the endless convenience that it offers. However, if you want a higher watt adapter, it available and runs for about Php 2,5xx.00

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