Beauty pageant in South Korea looks creepy like this

Source: Reddit

South Korea has been known to be one of the plastic surgery capital of the world. In this year’s Miss Korea 2013, the 20 girls look remarkably alike. We don’t really know if it’s because of the plastic surgery, or the makeup, or the Photoshop but it’s all creepy. Seriously.

And since Koreans have invaded the Philippines, I have always been mistaken to be a Korean (to which I politely correct everytime that I’m Chinese).

My beau always tells me that in Korea, the girls all look alike. I never really believed him until I saw this article. Their eyes are all the same.. even their noses are similar. Crazy.

I guess this makes it easier for the judges to decide on them based on their brains since, evidently, their looks don’t matter.

But, anyway, here’s how they look like without makeup. Hmm.


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  1. I think with or without makeup/surgery they are all look a like because of their eyes, unlike here in PH, girls here have different eye shapes. πŸ˜€ IMBA.

    But honestly it looks creepy, my gash! tatalon ako sa stage pag ako yung judge, kaloka. πŸ˜€ That is the reason why Im not really a fan of KPOP I feel napaka unreal ng dating. I have nothing against them, I love korean stuff and cosmetics but then minsan its superficial when it comes to their taste of beauty.. One of my friend said that if your “ugly” (though wala namang taong ugly, but when you didn’t pass their standards of beauty” wala kang friend. SAD.

    • oo, super high daw ang discrimination sa Korea… if you’re a Korean who did not grow up there, like if Korean who grew up in the Phils, they look down on them daw. Mataas tingin nila sa Europeans. That’s it. And super anything-French/Parisian fanatic sila.
      I don’t like KPop too.

      • awww I didn’t know na ganun sila kafanatic sa Europeans.

        Did you heard the story, about a couple then, pinanganak yung baby nila walang kamukha? then the guy think na may infidelity naganap, then the wife showed her old picture (Before surgery) yun ang kamukha ng baby .T_T hahaa!