Basic Mineral Makeup Workshop

Yesterday I attended Mineraux’s mineral makeup workshop, led by Melissa Vergara, who also is the part owner of the company.

I was so excited for the session since it is my first time to dabble into mineral makeup. I have known mineral makeup since 5 years ago and was only able to try some because I had stashes of resealable packs filled with 1g of mineral makeup from freebies.

All I know is that mineral makeup is good for your skin… but they don’t come in cheap.

So, after my basic makeup session using traditional commercial cosmetics, I wanted to try out mineral too. They say mineral makeup is more pigmented, thus the artist should have light and precise hands.

We were a group of 7 in class, the session was held near Ateneo. The girls were all novice, including me. We had so much fun and interaction. The best part was Margie, the very lively commentator of the group. She’s so witty, I love her.

I think they liked my makeup. Margie even asked me to help her with her eyes. I was flattered knowing that eye makeup is actually my weakness and yet she would like to ask for my assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mineraux is a locally formulated brand with raw materials from US and Canada. You can heck out their products from

In this session…

– I learned how to draw my brows easier using the 3-point method

– Mineral foundation–foundation for that matter–is really not for me

– 3 color areas are eyes, cheeks and lips… play only on 2 areas

– use natural hair brushes on eye brushes… use synthetic for face

– kabuki brush is amazing!

– my undertone is neutral fair… but I wanna try olive fair!

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