Baguio 2012

I just came back from Baguio over the weekend, and yes we intentionally went there for the Panagbenga (flower festival), but failed miserably to wake each morning early enough to catch the parade.

Baguio was amazing! It goes down to 15 degrees at night. Apart from the breath-taking scenic views, I loved the weather and the cool breeze… very far from the scorching heat we’re having now in Manila.

Aside from the obligatory purchase of strawberries, I hoarded lots of silver accessories from Baguio. I didn’t know I was hoarding so much until I got back in Manila and saw these silver accessories collectively. I used to buy just one silver stuff in every trip… I think I got carried away this time.

The last time I was in Baguio was five years ago… and I think I got strawberry taho from SM Baguio and got sooo delighted with it. This time, I just settled for a more common strawberry cheesecake

Part of my shopping list this year is to buy another teddy bear printed fleece blanket. Sadly, even after searching the market and the gazillion stalls along Session Road, I wasn’t able to find my teddy bear blanket. So, I just settled for greens: a money tree and a rose cactus.

On the day we were supposed to come back to Manila, I think the event “Session in Bloom” opened. During this event, Session Road is closed for food stalls and other trinkets.

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