Are you ready for the perma-smile or smile lipt?

I think, sometimes, humans have become too bored. We have tried altering anything and everything that’s left unaltered. This is just in: Korea has patented the latest specific surgical procedure to alter your smile.

South Korea has long been a pioneer of human improvement through words ending in “-oplasty.” In fact, when adjusted for population size, South Korea has the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery procedures performed, according to a report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. To date, the country has been known to be one of the best in providing double-eyelid surgeries, dimple injections, calf reductions and even double-jaw surgery.

The favored South Korean beauty aesthetic features big, wide eyes, small noses and a narrow jawline, and popular procedures include nose jobs and eye surgeries to make those features appear more Caucasian. Some even undergo radical “double jaw surgeries” to create a slimmer, V-shaped chin and jawline, according to the Huffington Post.

Now the Koreans are rising to another innovation: the “Smile Lipt.”

Spearheaded by Aone Plastic Surgery, the procedure–whose name combines “lip” with “lift”–will have to do something with the muscles on your mouth corners to change your facial expression. The surgical procedure will lift your mouth corners to project a smile or even extend your lips.

I wonder if Joker knew this even before the Koreans started patenting it.

Why so serious?

Have a great Tuesday, dolls! 🙂

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