Add a pop of color with Orangebox

Last week, I had another dose of Orangebox. This time the contents are for my nails. It came just right in time as my polish is starting to chip off and it needs replacement.

Ferity Style Pen Miss Match (Php80)

These colour change nail polishes combine a novelty factor with gorgeous shades that girls will love to wear–really cute and playful. Miss Match is a range of nail colours that change with mood and body temperature.

I got mine in Mystic Purple which is purple when cold and turns blue in warm temperature.

Ferity Style Pen Disco Glow Nails (Php80)

Don’t settle with bright nails, make it luminous! The Disco Nail Colours make it easy to create incredible glow in the dark nails ideal for clubbing and any partying affair.

Ferity Style Pen Scent of Gossip (Php90)

Want a lingering scent by the tip of you fingers? Scent of Gossip range combine fragrance and polish in one irresistible product. These perfumed nail top coats have fragrances inspired by classic perfumes. Now you can shower your fingertips with some fragrance, too.

Ferity Style Pen is also available in wide range of nail effects: Sun Vision Nails, Fruity Nails, Scent of Floral Nails, California Cool Nails, Metallic Jewel Nails, Tropic Girl Nails, 3D Magnetic Nails, Starhilights & Color O’ Passion Nails, and Definition & French Cloud Nails.

Get your dose of Ferity Style Pen polshes from Orangebox.

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