A trip to Binondo Feng Shui

A couple of weeks back, my friend and I were casually chatting and thought of having a feng shui expert check our luck this year since 2011 has been a roller coaster for us. I didn’t know my friend was serious about it and called me yesterday to go downtown and check out this fengshui expert, Johnson Chua.

His store is located across the famous President’s Restaurant. My friend and I went there at about 2.30pm and the place was jam packed! Mr. Chua has lines of people waiting for their turn of fengshui. I was surprised to see that much people wanting to have a guide for the coming Chinese New Year.

Not a super fanatic of fengshui myself, I just wanted to try it out of curiosity. Since my friend and I knew that it would take us forever to have our turn and I still have to be somewhere else in the afternoon, each of us got these New Year charms instead–just so hindi nasayang yung trip namen sa Ong Pin! These charms are only Php 150.00 each.

Each Chinese Zodiac has a specific charm and a prayer or oration will be done for these charms before these are handed to you. No one else has to touch the charm but you. You can buy for your friends/relatives, but take good care of the charms and make sure they are not touched by anybody else but the owner. I really don’t know why, but that’s what was said to us… and so we complied. Masunuring bata kame eh.

I had a chat with the relative of Mr. Chua while I was standing in line. I think she’s the mother. The lady is very nice and friendly. She told me that his son (I assume) has lost his voice for doing all the fengshui readings/advice. There were 4 TV shows that went to their place yesterday to film his son… and as we were speaking, Mr. Chua was actually in a radio patch for an interview. Imagine, that’s how famous he is!

Mr. Chua can actually do a personalized fengshui reading, or the Ba Zi. He can also provide advise for business or house renovations. You can contact him via +63917.853.3369 for inquiries and appointment.


  1. Hello!sir,
    Gusto ko po sanng magtanong kung ano pong pinakabest ma lucky cjarm sa business po..sana matulunganmo po ako..salamat!

  2. I have a canteen buss. Along ayala bridge and no. 600 san marcelino at the back of pnu.im running thr canteen for 2 yrs but its not doing good.

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