A Trip to 168 Mall

Apparently, Radioactive Goo is out and about exploring the world leaving me with no partner in crime. So, I dragged myself to the famous 168 Mall and tried to scout for new shiny things to kill boredom.

168 is the queen of malls. Here you can find clothes, bags, shoes, school supplies, electronics and all sorts ofย knick-knacks.ย Oh, and 168 would not be 1-6-8 without all these cheapย “class AAA branded” bags like LV, Gucci, Prada, Coach, etc.

Everybody knows all the stuff there are dirty cheap. And when I say dirty cheap, I’m talking about neat clothes for as low as Php 50.00 each (about USD 1.00)–in fact I bought 4 spaghetti tops at this price, just in time for summer. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also got myself “surplus/overrun” A&F polo shirts for only Php 150.00 each (about USD 3.00). I was so happy… but I was not able to get myself a new bag ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, probably I’ll just go to Girbaud and buy from there…

Shopping in 168 can also be a challenge… with the crowd and the heat… OMG, it can really be exhausting. ONE TIP: Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes or be prepared to be stepped on by all these people. Mind you, it gets worse in the afternoon… and worst during Christmas season!

One golden rule is that you should be able to know how to haggle. Most of the time, you can get about Php 20.00 – Php 50.00 off by just haggling… and it’s better if you buy in “wholesale”–or minimum of 6 pieces. In fact, my mom once wanted the discount so bad, she had to buy 6 pcs of the same bag–in just different colors! LoL.

Anyway, why don’t you drop by 168 mall and let me know your great steals? Ciao!

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