A Taste of Japanese Toast at Cafe Shibuya, UP Town Center

Don’t you just love UP Town Senner? Gawd, I really love it there. I love how it houses so many new restos, anticipating for foodies to discover each and every single new offering.

And I’m sure by now you’d realize I have a penchant for quirky things, Cafe Shibuya is something I’d like to talk about–right before you and your girlfriends decide where to dine as singles on Valentine’s day!

If you’re looking for something different aside from sitting in a cupcake or macaron shop with your girlfriends, Cafe Shibuya is your best bet. Cafe Shibuya is a cafe specializing in Savory and Buttered Toastsย and Ghirardelli Chocolate Drinks. Their flagship store is at the U.P. Town Center.

Its name is based on theย Shibuya way of preparing French Toast. Now, I’m not really fond of eating bread, but I wanted to give Cafe Shibuya a try because of its inviting menu right outside the cafe.

My sisters and I ended up ordering some green tea frappuccino, Regular Ferrero Hazel (Php275.00) and Regular Banoffee (Php235.00).

Cafe Shibuya offers all toast variety in Baby size. The Baby size is smaller (obviously) and it comes with one scoop of icecream.

Ferrero hazel toast (Php275.00)

Here’s our Banoffee Toast turned BOOB-noffee by my sisters. Love them so.

Banoffee Toast (Php235.00)
Chocolate Matcha (Php165.00)

I seriously fell in love with the place the moment I set foot inside. I love how Cafe Shibuya deviated from the usual minimalist red-and-black or black-and-white Japanese restaurant design. This place is rather cute and quirky!

Aside from yummy French toast, Cafe Shibuya serves pasta and delicious frappuccino mixes. Good food, great ambiance–I swear, Cafe Shibuya perfect for your and your girlfriends to spend endless chitchat time on Valentine’s!

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Cafe Shibuya
GF, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue,ย Quezon City
Telephone:ย +632 722-2237
Mobile: +63 947 221-3836

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