A Review on Philips GoGear Vibe 4gb

I was able to receive my Philips GoGear Vibe 4gb over the weekend, which I bought from one of those coupon sites. I was to eager to try my new nifty gadget as I have been a loyal iPod user since iPods ever came out (I still have my trusty iPod classic, which became a permanent fixture in my car).

I initially got this so I can have something more convenient to use while jogging. Since I have an iPod, I thought that it would be impractical for me to get an iPod shuffle or iPod nano for jogging…so I resorted for a cheaper alternative–Philips GoGear Vibe.

Upon unboxing the product, I quickly popped it in the charger. The unit did not came with factory charge so I had to wait for the unit to have some power before I can tinker with it.

With the limited capacity, I only saved my latest mp3s in my GoGear Vibe. Also, with the small screen, I think it’s senseless to put in videos (I can’t even watch videos while jogging). What I liked most with Philips GoGear Vibe is that it has an FM receiver–the same feature I find lacking in my iPod. Philips GoGear has an additional feature of portable recorder. Another plus is that it can also record audio straight from FM.

It was all nice and dandy until last night, I tried to put additional mp3s and my unit stopped working… and to think that the unit still had 2.something GB free memory. The unit updated until 99% and stayed there for more than 30minutes. I had to restart it over and over but to no avail.

It took me about an hour and a half to figure out how to fix it–I had to delete all the mp3s I have loaded in it and format it then restore via Philips Songbird. After formatting and restoring, I recopied the files/mp3s in it and re-set it up again.

At first, it was frustrating that after 3 days of owning it, it already broke down on me–something I never had with my 3 year old iPod. With this, I realized why iPod is still the best mp3 player in the market as the gadget performance is just reflective of the cost.

Not that I’m putting Philips down or I am not happy with my purchase… Luckily I was able to fix it before I decided to throw it in the trash bin.

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