5 Beauty Tips to Make You Look Less Tired

Source: Cosmopolitan SG

How was your long weekend? There’s no denying it—sometimes that weekend full of drinking and partying (from the Halloween parties) shows up on your face first thing Monday morning. And no one wants to look party-pooped on a Monday (or any other day). So, here are a few beauty picks and tricks that may help you keep up with the Kardashians–what?

1) De-puff your eyes with a cold spoon

One of the best and cheapest peeper de-puffer is your trusty cold spoon. Cold spoons can constrict irritated blood vessels, reducing redness and under-eye swelling.

Place a spoon in the freezer overnight so it’s handy when you wake up in the morning. Take the spoon and apply to under the eye, one at a time. Keep it for 30 seconds under one eye, switch to the other for 30 more seconds, and repeat 3 – 4 times.

2) Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On (Php229.00)

Bring out the magic wand! The metal ball tip of this product helps ease eye puffiness. Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On is enriched with caffeine, which helps to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark eye circles. This light concealer brightens up your undereyes in one go.

3) Virginia Olsen Minerals Eye Shadow (Php150.00)

Adding a touch of white shimmer (or gold-toned shimmer for morena girls) to the inner corners of your eyes will brighten up your entire face. I pick Crescent Moon for fair skinned dolls and Fairydust or Lover’s Moon for morena beauties.

4) L’oreal Paris Lucent Magique Concealer Pen (Php545.00)

 Lift the shadows that look especially dark with this highlighting pen and make your skin look brighter. Apply the product right under your eye area and blend upwards for a radiant finish.

5) Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lipstick in Divaluscious (Php399.00)

Flash your favorite red lipstick. A red lip will make your teeth look whiter and take the focus off the main facial feature that’s least forgiving when it comes to fatigue: your eyes.

Let’s get back to the grind! I hope these 5 simple tricks would help you from looking (and feeling) like a walking zombie today.

Happy Monday! Cheers!


  1. de-puffing the eyebags with a cold spoon and with the help of the trusty ol’ concealer will just do the trick for me. I want to try the garnier but I find it expensive and i’ve read some not so good reviews about them. red lipstick really vibed up a look even when u look tired. (they will notice ur lips not ur eyes, so its good) 🙂

  2. de-puff eyebags!!! do you use eye creams too ms jirbie? can you recommend brands/item that is below 500php but very effective eye cream? i googled some but most of the prices were too steep for my budget

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