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People often ask me about my skin care routine or how I maintain a youthful skin. But, I think having a “youthful skin” doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, genes would play a role, to some extent, but I do feel that my lifestyle, over the years, is a key here–*that* and tons of help from my favorite, FacePixie Beauty Wand.


I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about Teviant since its launch and so I was really curious of actually trying out their products.


Our battle against extremely parched skin can be daunting. Good thing I was able to snag this bottle of Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate during their sale last May and, I must say, it has helped improve the overall texture and elasticity of my skin.


ready to get started?


Curious about aromatherapy? Want to learn more about essential oils?

As a Certified Aromatherapist, Jirbie’s expertise and passion in advocating safe and responsible use of essential oils has been sought after by various wellness companies–or even by end users–in making sure that their products and formulations fall within safe concentration.

As an experienced botanical product formulator, Jirbie has led, developed, and helped formulate safe, stable, and sound aromatherapy products.

As an Aromatherapy practitioner/lecturer, her energy has been known to inspire and move people. Her authenticity, candidness, and practical thinking has always been appreciated by her students. Jirbie has a knack for processing complicated EO concepts into a simple, easily digestible, and beginner-friendly manner.



Thank you for empowering and inspiring more women by sharing your knowledge through your workshops and classes, podcast, vlogs, social media pages and many more. Your desire for continuing education is contagious.
Jen Ramos
I'm very grateful for this very informative class today Jirbie! I'm a yogi and I'm now appreciating the use of essential oils and also learned more about chakra after hearing it from you.
Dianne Reyes
So happy with the course Jirbie! You explained everything very clearly. I am very excited to try making my own shampoo bars. Super thanks to you!
Rocel Leoncio

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